Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spaders and ickies

Current mood: good

So, I'm a dork and I watched the Emmys. What else to do on a Sunday night? And I've recently started watching Boston Legal. I have to say I was excited for James Spader to win best whatever for whatever it is he does on his show.
I just like to watch him. I like to watch him talk, I like his lovely little hand gestures. I like the banter between him and Shatner. It's very pleasing to me. I'd watch that man read the phone book. I just want to smell his hair. Is that weird?

And the brilliant blonde was in today. I call her the icky. She is "sooooo broke" and doesn't have money to put gas in her car, yet she's got money to go get her nails done. Priorities my dear, priorities... you make me want to scream.

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