Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sunshine and Daredevil

So, I haven't seen the sun in about 14 days and even then it was briefly and had been gone for about 14 days before that. I'm wilting. I dusted off my magic "sun lamp" and have been using that every morning and it helps. My thoughts were consumed with my Africa trip and struggling with the life I am living right now. (Ie. responsible for three screaming child terrorists 50+ hours a week...) Whatever.
Anyway, then I heard about this Daredevil show on Netflix. I'd heard of it before but didn't think much of it, and we started watching it. We watched three hours the first night. We watched three hours the second night. Then I think we tried to stretch it out a little, maybe two and two .. anyway - we binge watched the crap out of it. It. Is. Amazing. I replace who ever may have been in the top spot for my favorite show ever. It's ridiculous, in a way, that now my thoughts are of a tv show but I go through phases where I'm stuck in my head - winter, hormones, who knows why and if I'm going to spend a few months stuck in my head it might as well be looking at Matt Murdock. Besides, it's a good fucking show. What am I supposed to do now, just go back to regular tv? Please. It's been a month and I've watched Daredevil three times. I need an intervention, and then I need some sunshine.

I actually got a request the other day at work to send someone to Africa and was all excited about that. Aaaaand turns out she only needs flights. Boo. Maybe January will be busier. I wish the world wasn't so big so you could see the people you like more often. But the world wouldn't be as fascinating if it was small, would it? Would we even know? Someone give me a good reason to go to Toronto or San Diego. I miss my new friends.