Thursday, October 25, 2007

To the lady who’s kid I called a brat...

Current mood: hungry

I didn't mean it. Well, that's not true. I did. I don't have kids. I shouldn't have to be nice to yours.
I was walking through Meijer looking for something and I was in a hurry, tired, hungry, distracted, and deep in thought. Your precious one pulled me out of my funk. You were coming down the lane and she was clinging to the front of your cart, and as she got near, she turned toward me and stuck her tongue out at me with full-force attitude only a 4- or 5-year old could muster.
I was surprised, and could only mutter, "You brat," before you passed.
I tensed inside, fully expecting a mommy rant coming for me about calling her child names.
Instead I faintly hear mommy's voice from behind me, "Well you were being a brat. Stop being a brat."
Ha ha ha ha ha! Awesome!

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