Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, it's a start. We are moving forward. I'm writing content for a website in San Diego. If all goes well, I will get more hours. I will get paid for it even!
The key to being a good writer, writers say, is to write. That's it. You just have to do it a lot. If you want to be good at something it takes practice.
My job will be to write, and I can feel the words swirling around in my head but I can't always seem to fetch the right ones.
I'm tired.
So, I will practice.
I must practice.
I've had one big asshole of a month. We finished July with little Claire's first birthday party, and mere days later jetted off to Los Angeles for a wedding. I don't recommend taking a baby to a wedding. It was great visiting husband's family in the L.A. area - it was worth it to bring her for this.
However, we went to the San Bernadino mountains for the wedding, up, up the windy roads to a cabin in the woods. There weren't really accommodations for the kids, so you had to hold them or put them in a stroller, which to a squirming bored kid, this isn't great. We drove an hour down the windy mountain road for the ceremony... sat in a back room with Claire because there wasn't friendly people offering room in the rear pews of the church... then drove up the mountain an hour for the reception. No where to sit Claire, so she's strapped in a stroller between tables. And she's bored. And angry. But we can't let her wander around - the whole outdoor rustic place is filled with 3-foot drop-offs. I end up going to my room before 8pm to put Claire to bed and sat in my room all night with my Kindle. Had our cabin been near the reception (as other rooms were) I could have stayed, but nay, we were on the opposite side of the grounds.
To recap; we traveled across the country and halfway across southern California to go to a wedding I did not see, and attend a reception that I really wasn't at.
Again. Don't recommend bringing babies.
However, the days afterward where we went to the beach, the aquarium, the wading pool and spent time with family was THE BEST. I'm thankful for that.
We return home to a wet carpet and sticky kitchen. The water line to our fridge had been kinked by the people who put in our floors (and moved the fridge) and it broke, and water sprayed onto the wall, the cabinet next to it, and seeped under my brand-new floors all the way across the entire kitchen, and into the living room - under the couch, under the table.
You really never saw any water - but it was under everything.
We stayed at the in-laws for two days and then moved on to a hotel.
Then there were phone calls and destruction and fans and 112 degree temperatures baking my house and murdering my plants.
Then more phone calls and more phone calls...
Yesterday the rebuild began.
Is this fucking month over yet?