Sunday, July 22, 2007

Honk if you love Clay Aiken

Today was the "family picnic" for my dad's side of the family out at this nice park in Jackson.
My cousin Laura (who is a few years younger than me) was bringing her newborn so I dreadfully expected the regular onslaught of inappropriate personal questions about my breeding habits.
Actually, it was pretty fun, had a good time, I enjoy visiting with my family, and everyone was being friendly and behaving themselves, passing the newborn around.
Chit -chatting about life events, work, travel, etc.
But you know what?
Of all people?
My mom started the baby crap.
She collects the newborn and presents him to me. "Have you held him yet?"
No, I hadn't. I'm not the kind of person that just goes and take someones baby. Of course I'll hold him, everybody likes holding babies. It's like cotton candy, or ice cream, or puppies.
Then the conversation starts. "You know you could get one of those." I say I'll get one when I can buy them at Wal-Mart." Helpful husband says, "We've already got a cage picked out." Thanks for being on my side, husband : )
I actually do like babies so I hold the kid, avoiding the ecstatic grin from my mom.
So, really. I like babies, I like kids. I don't want one right now. Waving one in front of my nose isn't going to change my mind. Stop it.
I'll say it again. Stop it.
Stop giving me that look when I am around kids.
Stop it. Please just act normal, ok?

(Side note to my cousin Laura in case she reads my blog - congrats, he really is adorable and I hope you enjoy being a mommy!)

Finally, driving home from Jackson we passed this car with a bumper sticker across the entire back of the car that said "Honk if you love Clay Aiken." And as if that wasn't enough - it had a huge square label on the side of the car as well, with the same slogan and even little singing silhouettes. Oh it was funny. And we honked and we waved like the jackasses we are. Ha ha!

Last thing, this blog may be read but not reposted. So, please don't go running and sending this to my mother, ok? Thanks.

Bonus: Right when my mom handed me the baby, my sister's 6-year-old stomps by and yells, "I HATE BABIES!" I laughed my ass off.

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