Friday, March 30, 2007

I was just trying to leave, you stupid bitch

This is a story about why I called a lady a stupid bitch in a parking lot at the top of my lungs, enjoy.
So, last week I decided to go out for lunch, and I went to this noodle place in Arborland mall which is by Starbucks, and in that area, there is like... NO parking and everyone is a psychobitch. So, I'm like at the end of the lot and there's no spots and I have two people in line behind me also waiting for spots. I see a spot to the left of me, and go to claim it with my blinker, and I see that person behind me has already "claimed" it. Not quite fair, I was here first. Then person number three - in the biggest, ugliest truck ever - pulls in front of me to take a spot opening up at the end. I think to myself, fuck this shit, I'll go park somewhere else. I try to drive around bitch with big ugly truck - and this ass stain thinks I'm trying to steal the parking spot, which she really stole from me, and pulls up to block me in. I open my window to explain to her I'm trying to get around her to leave, but I can't even see in her window, right next to me, cause her stupid truck is so big and ugly. So, I try to pull up again, and she cuts me off. I now can go nowhere forward or backward and I'm yelling at her that I just want to go around! So dumb ugly monster bitch takes "her" parking spot and I finally get a chance to turn around and leave, and as she gets out of her planet-hating dumpster truck and as I pull away, I scream at her "I was just trying to leave, you stupid bitch!!!" Chicken bitch doesn't even look at me.
Fuck you starbucks bitches.