Friday, February 15, 2008

my brother is an ordained minister

I'll say it again.
My brother... is an ordained minister.
How, you say?
Well, the internet contains more than porn my dear friends.
You can get ordained as a minister, over the internet, in just TWO days.
I can't even get laundry done that fast.
How this came about is that Joe's got a friend getting married in September and the friend wants Joe to officiate the wedding. So, the friend asked Joe to get ordained so he can officially marry them, and so he did.
And now, if you want to get married, my brother holds the power to do it for you.

Cause nothing honors the sacred bonds of matrimony like this guy:


And there were sooo many worse photos I could have posted. I chose to be conservative with this one.


E Flo said...

That is pretty much awesome.

Joseph said...

Thanks for keeping the picture conservative. I do have an image to uphold. (Whatever image I want!)


Rev. Reecher

Jess Holmes said...

That picture is hilarious. I recently got ordained through the ULC, and I'm pretty sure there are similarly amusing pictures of me. Oh well!

mimi said...