Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bras Rampant

So I leave work at about noon today for a bit of shopping, I've got some things to pick up for work and so I go out and about. A pit stop at Potbelly for lunch, a stop at Office Max to get some of that fancy white-out, and then a stop at Michaels Arts & Crafts to get some of those little doggie stickers - we use them on our brochures.

Anyway, I'm in Michaels and as you all know, Halloween is coming up. And as you all should know, I have a little obsession with Halloween stuff. I'm in the store, chanting in my head, "Don't look at the Halloween stuff, don't look at the halloween stuff, don't look at the halloween stuff." I really could end up being there all day. I have other places I still have to go. I walk in, grab doggy stickers, wha? is that a zombie? I beeline to the Halloween stuff.

They've got spiders and garland and pumpkins and ghosts and all kinds of crazy shit I love to look at and poke. Then I see this:

(click for bigger image)

Read the name carefully...
What the hell language translates to Bras Rampant? That's one hell of a toy! I'd like to see some bras rampant. I push the button. No Bras Rampant, only a little plastic bony-like hand that wiggles pathetically, as if it had been pushed ten thousand times before by ten thousand different probing fingers from the grubby hands of little children.
I poke it again. Still no Bras Rampant.
Oh well.

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