Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Most Talked IN Movie In America!

Use your "movie announcer" voice for the title please.

I spent twelve hours (okay maybe only eleven) yesterday packing up our office. We're moving to the other side of town and I'd prefer to have my Saturday, Sunday and Monday off - so I stay late. I'm packing up most of the office by myself because a) the other two employees left
b) I don't have the kind of friends that would show up on a Friday night and help me pack up things at my work.

Well, I wasn't entirely alone, there was one icky there putting together documents for our Oktoberfest group - but all she did was interrupt me all day. "I need a lablel for this guy" "I need my favorites off my computer" "My computer won't print" "Why isn't it coming out of the printer" and my favorite, "The ones in there I don't have, did you print all of them from the side?" It took way too long to figure out what this meant.
After this I was supposed to go see a movie. I thought, brilliant!, some time for my brain to decompress.

We go to showcase and meet up with our friend Rich, and Damon's co-worker Phil. It's crowded. We are seeing "Halloween."
We wait in line and the people who are seeing this movie are already riled up - running around, yelling. We know it will be bad.
We go in and sit, and it's not so bad.
The movie starts. The insanity begins. Cell phones popping open here, there, over on the left, over on the right. Everywhere. People talking. Everywhere. And not movie theater talking, but just TALKING.

One dude yells "shut the fuck up" and the room LAUGHS at him, and continues talking.
The movie is playing and the room is alternating from a dull roar to a loud roar. All of this goes on for about the first 10 minutes. Then about 10 - 15 minutes into the movie, a crowd of about 50 people comes in. They're walking all over the place, more phones pop out, the room gets louder. Two more people yell shut the fuck up and each, in turn, laughed at. Some of the crowd find seats, most are still just standing near the hallway or just walking around. It's almost like a competition to see who can be the biggest asshole. Who can get the most attention?

Then the cop comes in. He starts barking at the crowd, "You're gonna have to settle down! Put the phones away or you're going to have to leave. Find a seat, now!"
This settles some people. At least now you can hear the movie. There's already been several grisly murders, I'm ready to walk out. Decompression this is not.

We end up staying through the movie, but the cell phones keep popping and people keep talking. The cop keeps reappearing and taking people out of the theater, but can't do much good. People are continuing to open their phones, jump up, jump around, run out. I swear half the theater at least, got up once or twice. I'm not sure I understand that. Why the hell do you have to get up the entire movie? There was constantly someone getting up and walking out, and then walking in. They weren't bathroom breaks.

Oh, and the best one. This dumb fucking girl walks in talking on her cell phone - this is about halfway through the movie - and she's yelling on the phone.
"Wha' 'chu talkin' 'bout? Hol on hol on, she say what? Ah my gawd, she dit int!
I'm at a movie, what? NO! She dit int!? Hello!? HELLO? HELLO?"
This girl is about 5 feet from the hallway entrance, and is standing there, facing the crowd. She isn't even remotely concerned with the movie.
I tell her to shut up.
She yells, "Who tol me a shut up?"
In my imagination life, I would have stood up and said "I did bitch so shut the fuck up and get the fuck out."
In reality I sat there and sulked in my annoyance.
What is wrong with people?

The movie ends and I ask for Damon's ticket stub and me and all the other people go wait in line at the service counter. The 4 people in front of me are bitching them out. They leave and I just set the stubs on the counter and tell them, "You know why I'm here," and they hand me my two free passes.

I don't understand the reason to interrupt a movie. It's stupid, rude, immature, and offensively inconsiderate. I also don't understand the reason behind the type of people that were making the noise, and the type of people that were standing in line to complain after the movie is over. You'd think movie theaters would do well to segregate, I mean separate these two crowds for certain movies. But you can't say that. You can't do that!

They even have the cell phone blockers, but can't use them because they are illegal. Which is also ridiculous. What if there's a fire? Seriously, is someone going to call you on your cell phone to tell you there's a fire? What emergency can't wait 2 hours. Your phone is supposed to be off anyway. Put on the cell phone blockers, please.

In regards to the movie itself, it was a great horror film. It was horrifically bloody and violent and had all the elements a great horror film should have.
1. a basic decent story line
2. blood
3. violence
4. boobies
5. people having sex and getting killed
6. people being chased and falling down
7. boobies
8. screaming
9. revenge

So, I did not decompress. I was pretty tense through the movie, it was well done. I thought it was just a remake of the original Halloween, but it was really a re-take on the original. It was pretty demented, bloody, and for all intents and purposes, a really well done horror movie. I'll have to rent it sometime so I can watch it.

PS. Sheri Moon Zombie is hot. I'm also pretty sure she's crazy hot. Like the kind of crazy hot where you could be making out with her and then punch her in the mouth, and she'd only laugh at you and make out with you harder, even though she's bleeding from the face.

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