Friday, October 15, 2010

Sounds gross to me

I'm not really interested in a cold and flu kite. Sounds lame. What's next? A vomit kite?

Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh my. A six month silence. My deep apologies. December was mostly sleeping, the pregnancy bit you see. January was ? February, March, April, May... and now June.
We are taking classes and my belly is growing and my house is filling with baby things. This all comes along so fast you see? High school, well that takes four years.
College? Five.
Engagement? Two.
Baby? 9 months.
WHAT? The biggest change you can make to your life can happen in just 9 months? Whose idea was this?

See, we just decided to stop "not" trying... and whabam! Baby. Happy birthday husband, you're gonna be a daddy.
Right now at 33 weeks I simultaneously have something poking at my lower left side and into my right ribs. It's uncomfortable and weird. Mommy people call it amazing and for me it's just been ... weird. I have an octopus in my belly. Put your hand on your cheek and press your tongue into your cheek and move it around. That's what my belly feels like all day long.
And the worst? I have no short term memory. I don't know what I ate for lunch today. The past few months? BLUR. I should have been writing things down but that's the reason for the lapse. I get on here and ... no thoughts... no memories... just a blank.

And it's all boring. I sit at home and try to work, but there isn't much to do. I grew out of all my clothes and made my own pants. If you're checking in on Facebook you get daily quips instead of weekly columns.

My dearest kitty scared me with getting a little skin cancer this past Thanksgiving but maybe is in the clear now? I would be a basket case without kitty. Beware the day.

So you know, things are good. Weather is warm, finally. I'm happy. Seven weeks until my life changes forever, right?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There are four lines!

So... I was feeling weird. I'll spare you every detail, but let's say all systems were "go" like they do for chicks on a somewhat regular basis. Right? All systems were go... then half the systems abruptly shut down. Not normal. I'm thinking it's time for a pop quiz. Either that or I have cancer I guess?

I get the test, about two days after husbands birthday - just so I know I'm not crazy. I do the thing and put the test in the sink and immediately the damn thing has two lines. I look at the paper, I look at the accusatory piece of plastic in the sink. I look at the paper, the sink. I lean over the sink and yell at the plastic indicator, "Are you sure!?" "You better be sure!"

There's another test in the box. He joins his accusatory friend in the sink and also immediately has two lines.
That's it.

There are four lines.

Holy shit.

I'm pregnant.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm not dead

I just have some things developing. Stories to come.
It's hard to find things to write about when you work at home.
I need exposure to the world to find my inspiration.
I am waiting. News is coming.