Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chocolate and Beer, Merci!

Current mood: cheerful

So, just left Amsterdam and now in Belgium. Upon arriving to my shiny hotel I saw the largest bathtub I've ever had in a hotel room, ever, and immediately made the decision that I would spend time in that tub with bubbles of two kinds, bath bubbles and beer bubbles. I completed my quest last night - thoroughly enjoying three little bottles of strong belgian beer. Upon finishing the beers, hence came beer munchies. In my hotel room at midnight there's nothing to be found except a can of paprika flavored pringles that costs about $8. Fuck that. So, I stumble off into the streets of Brussels in search of munchies. The chocolate shops are still open, which is nice, but chocolate doesn't do it when you've got beer munchies. I mean, seriously... fancy chocolate when you're drunk? A bit of a waste isn't it? I end up near the famous statute of Belgium, Mannkein Pis, which is a little boy peeing and at all hours of the day and night, people clamor to take pictures of this thing. This morning he was naked, later in the day he had a little outfit on that made him look somewhat amish, now past midnight, the little boy was naked again, and people still took his photo. The only thing near this kid is little statues of peeing boys, I'd have to go further for food... So, I finally find myself one of those awesome fry stands where I get a heaping pile of Belgian fries, (ain't no french fries here buddy) and stumble back to my hotel with my prize. I swear, every time I walk into my hotel I think they'll check me for ID swearing that I'm not staying there, because I don't have grey hair or a cane. But no, they graciously smile and wave me in. Time for TV and fries! Yay! Watching television in french sucks but is a bit better when you're buzzed and eating fries. If I have to be alone in Belgium at least I can get drunk and eat fries. I think now it's about time for those fancy chocolates...