Thursday, September 6, 2007

So I ended up in Saline on the way to work today

Current mood: drained

I got on 94 to drive to the new location of my old job. Highway is all backed up.
Great. Wonderful. I get off and zip down Ellsworth, no problem.
Then end up somewhere? Turn left? Should have turned right I think. Drive further.
See Saline county fair. Nope, that isn't it, turn around, go back. See Ann Arbor Saline Road, see Wagner Road, see Liberty road. Now I'm on the right track. Only 40-minute drive to work. Should be 20 minutes.
Work all day. Move, organize, answer, call, decide. Repeat.
I end up staying late to catch up and leave around 9:20pm. I think I'll take another route home, maybe Stadium, to S. Industrial to State St to 94. Bad decision.
94 is backed up to State St, only I don't see until it's too late. Dammit!
I get on and go 5 miles an hour, stop. 4 miles an hour, stop. 40 minutes later, I've made it three miles. Three. Auughh.
It's down to one lane. Are they working on the road? Not that I can see. Just barrels and brake lights extending far into the like a dreary neon nightmare.
I'm hungry. I want dinner.
I could have walked faster.
I finally make it home but it takes well over an hour.
Looking forward to the weekend.

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