Sunday, September 9, 2007


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What a fantastic weekend. Ah, just what one needs to refresh for the week ahead. A seven part weekend filled with fun.

Part 1
I was just waking up and watching garbage on tv with husband when they began talking about George Clooney and his new 28-year-old girlfriend.
"Do you know what this means!?" I excitedly telll husband.
"No, what does that mean?" he says.
"It means I have a chance!" I said. "She's 28! I have a chance!"
"But you're married!," says husband.
"Technicality, I reply." George will be mine.

Part 2
I think I got hit on. I'm not good at this and can't be sure, but I think I did. I was driving and this car next to me with two guys in it was staring and waving. I drove past them, and then they caught up and smiled and waved again. I could not stop laughing.

Part 3
Off to Brighton's jazz fest, which was really a jazz-blues fest. Interesting little festival, and lots of tasty meat smell in the air. Me & my co-hort April enjoyed ice cream and sweet potato fries with caramel dipping sauce (holy crap that was tasty) and laughing our ass off at the lady with the miniature collie in a baby stroller. Lady, you look ridiculous with a dog in a baby stroller. We laugh at you.

Part 4
Meijer shenanigans. We go to Meijer and once inside April says to me that she just wants to look at stuff. I reply, baby, you don't need to explain to me why we're here. She said she was used to going to Meijer with people that didn't understand. We just go to look at stuff.
A minute or so later we hear this noise, beeeoooOOOuup! and without even thinking, April answers with her own beeeooooOOouuup! and I look at her. Sometimes we have these moments where we look at each other and Bam! we know exactly what each other is thinking. There's a reply from the aisle near us.
I answer with a reply, "beeeoooOOOup!"
Next we hear "baaaa" like a sheep baa.
April replies, "Baaa."
No, we don't know why. And we're walking quickly up and down the aisles to be near who is making the noises but not get caught.
After the second baa, we see our messengers, one says "You guys are AWESOME!" and the other says, "Are you drunk?" They are Meijer employees.
We reply, "not yet!" and run away laughing hysterically.
We keep walking away, meanwhile laughing as hard as we can. I'm crying and all red faced, we can't breathe. The moment of this for us, is the just the funniest fucking thing we can imagine.
We buy munchies and other things and head out for the parking lot. There's a kid in a motorized scooter heading toward us, and then April's car. "You going to a party? Can I come," he asks. I reply, "No" and the kid circles April's car in the scooter.
"Nice car," he says, and we laugh at him and head to April's house to enjoy some Appletini's. Yum.
We watch Penny Dreadful, which was a not-too-bad horror flick. Getting ready for halloween you see!

Part 5
Sunday begins and me & April get to moving along. We head out to fill our curry desires at Ashoka's in Canton (the best Indian food) and I help her replace a thermostat and rotate the fridge doors (so that they open on the other side) at her aunt's condo that someone is renting. Me girl. Girl use tools. Grunt.
A quick trip for some ice cream and then an investigative trip to the Apple store. What a full weekend.

Part 6 and 7
Mmm internet surfing. Good way to end a day.
That's all there is, there ain't no more! BeeeeoooOOOOuuuup!

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