Wednesday, June 20, 2007

... that tastes like leprechauns and dirt...

Current mood: contemplative

So back in February I was at work and the chick I work with gave me
some of those sweetheart hearts candy - you know, the ones with
the blurry writing on them that are made of chalk? So, I eat a green
one and go "aaugh, that tastes like leprechauns and dirt." So she says,
"it tastes like dirty leprechauns?" and I say.. NO. Not dirty leprechauns
(which gives me visions of leprechauns that haven't showered and they have greasy hair and disheveled clothes and look as though they are stinky) "No," I say as if her statement is pure craziness.
Leprechauns AND dirt (insert mental picture of Leprechaun and separately a pile of dirt) Perhaps it "leprechauns and dirt" could be a "Harry Potter" inspired flavored sweethart candy name, like the jelly bean "Harry Potter" candy that has flavors like "booger" and "rotten egg."

That's what it tasted like, that's all I'm saying.

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