Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wedding to do list...

Current mood: drained

Groom? Check.
Flowers? Check.
Dress? Check.
Ceremony and reception site? Check.
DJ? Check.
Photographer? Check.
Going slightly bridezilla on dad for not keeping up with his end of the bargain? Check.

Eeh, my wedding shower is today, that means my wedding is in less than 60 days, and my free time slowly and slowly dissapates into nothingness and despair. Every evening, some thing needs attention, every weekend there's something else. Where oh where did my free life go? Oh where or where did it go? Like to make plans with me? It probably should be on a Tuesday, in October. I was never that little girl that danced around with the pillowcase dreaming to marry the boys. Hell, we've been together 8 years. Just wanted to do it up nice, for us, for the family. It's fun doing it, but it will be weird when it is over to not have a three page to-do list.
Other than that I am really looking forward to the shower, it will be nice to see the family and I think it's going to be a lot of fun!!!
And all you folks that tell me to elope? TOO LATE, deposits have been paid!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Current mood: giddy

So I'm twenty eight. Not twenty seven anymore or even twenty four. Twenty Eight. Just 700 something short days of THIRTY. Sigh.
Nothing was wrong with Twenty four, why can't I stay there? Even twenty-six? You're far from twenty-one, far from THIRTY.
Ho hum.
Oh and my wonderful thoughtful parents came and brought birthday cake on the 4th and we did a little birthday thing, but my mom forgot to put candles on the cake or sing or anything which I don't like people singing to me anyway so that's fine. But as she's leaving she hands me the candles. A two and an eight. So I took them to vegas with me. Everything I ate that day got the 28 stuck in it and lit. I'm using these bitches by god. Pancakes were stuck, lit on fire and blown out. Fettucine Alfredo, and then stuck in the top of a couple wine pitchers. It was pretty fun.
Damn twenty-eight.

Chasing the Spin

Whoooeee! VEGAS! is CRAZY! So if you haven't been there, go there. Now. Get up, c'mon, go. It's like an adult theme park, there's nothing like it in the world. It's so big in every sense of the word. And it is money baby, money. Everything smells like money. Every path is a secret rouse to get your money. But there's this game, "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" where you get to "spin the wheel" when it lands on a certain image, and when you "spin the wheel" you get anywhere from 25 coins to 1,000. So you sit there, chasing the $1,000 and getting 60 or 40. But once I did get 200! And then gave it all back, and then some... chasing the spin.
And it's HOT! I LOVE it hot. Like 100 degrees every day, it was perfect. We stayed at the Venetian and seriously, the bathroom was bigger than the last TWO hotel rooms I stayed in. (to be fair one was in London, the other in Florence, but seriously!?)

Oh, and I'm the cooler. If you don't know the reference look up the movie "The Cooler." Nothing will make you lose money faster than me standing beside you. Lookie, there I am! Oh, there goes your money. Damon only won when I was in the bathroom or not looking. When I was watching he was bleeding quarters. Dammit all to hell, but I am the cooler.

But that's Vegas, baby, Vegas!