Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween isn't over yet

Ok, this was the funniest thing.
Yesterday Shelly went to the Michigan Theater for their Halloween event and she dressed up and her costume was awesome. She was a cult leader and had this giant gold/rainbow mu-mu and a blue wig and lots of jewelry and a tinfoil hat to go over the blue wig, and also big white sunglasses. Just an awesome costume.
I come into work today and there's Shelly all dressed normal, with... something... on her forehead. Turns out, to add to the costume she had applied a temporary tattoo of a crazy-cool looking hippie-moon thing. And she just says, "It won't come off," I cannot stop laughing. I don't get much amusement at work so I of course snuck a picture.
Halloween isn't over yet
(click for bigger image)

By the end of the day with much rubbing alcohol and scratching it did eventually come off. But oh boy was that fun all morning.
Shelly, if you find this and want me to take it down, I will. But seriously, I could not resist.

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