Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And then my head exploded

Current mood: anxious

I'm not a morning person.
I just called the phone number to check our voice messages, and normally it goes to a recording and then I can hear our messages. In my usual pre-noon zombie state, I dial the number and it rings... and someone answers, "Hello, Huron Valley Travel."
I don't say anything. I can't even speak. The fact that someone else just answered "Huron Valley Travel" is so confusing to me I can't create full thoughts. I can feel my brain firing.
Wait a minute?! I'm Huron Valley Travel, how can you be Huron Valley Travel... is this the Twilight Zone? Where am I? I don't get it.
I finally stammer, "Um, I was trying to check our messages?" and the nice lady explained that the system was down and would be up in a few minutes.
So, simple explanation, but damn.
This one little phone call nearly made my poor little head explode.
I need coffee.

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