Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weird things

Current mood: sore

I'm not sure you all know this but April's house has "history."
The previous owner "went off his meds" and shot his wife and then himself. We're pretty sure it was in the living room because that's the only room in the house with new carpet.
So, last week April noticed her mailbox was different, and they pointed it out to me yesterday. This was obvious. This was new. There's no way they could have not noticed this, living here 6 months and getting the mail every day. The name SARAH is on the mailbox. And not painted, it seems like it was burned into the mailbox. It's a black metal mailbox and where the letters are seem... melted. It's just strange.
And what's creepier? The couple who lived in the house had a daughter, and her name was Sarah.

In other news, I'm pretty sore today from a pretty awesome bike ride yesterday. A good sore, but should be in better shape than this. It's somewhat pathetic. Oh and I have lovely bruises. Yes. I don't think anyone saw, but I was going over this narrow bridge and this couple on the bridge backed up and I was nervous I would hit them, so I totally ate chain link fence instead. Recovered quickly and kept moving, but I realize now I really whacked my hip. Ohhhh... wince, cry, grimace, whine, whimper. And have to go bowling later.
I'm so pathetic.

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