Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I yelled at somebody in the movie theater... AGAIN.

So, yes, yet another post about how mean I am. I'm gonna have to start putting things on here about the nice things I do. I like puppies and babies, I co-coach volleyball for 11 & 12-year olds. I gave money to a homeless guy this month. But right now, I'm talking about stupid rude people at movie theaters.
Come on! Does it take a UM degree to realize it's rude to have your cell phone open in a movie?
I'm watching this movie, and it's pretty great and pretty crazy and in the corner of my eye I see the constant flashing of... A CELL PHONE!
Look, I own one, I like it. I leave it off in the movies. It's rude.
This silly little asian girl is waving it around and trying to be subtle, but she's using the light of it to take notes or something, I have no idea. This goes on for about 35 minutes and I decide I'd had enough.
I actually got up and walked over there and said something along the lines of, "Either put that away or I'll find someone to make you put it away. You're bothering everyone. Sit in the back if you're gonna have it open." I just see her completely wide-eyed looking up at me in the blue glow of her phone. Her stupid little friends surrounding her, all staring at the phone.
I go sit down and I'm all panicky because I don't like to confront people, but come on. What the hell? Put it away!
She got all ballsy at intermission and came to tell me I didn't have to be so rude.
Well, too bad girlie. If you need to take notes, watch the damn movie at home.

Oh, and today I saw this survey which included this question:
19. Would you rather date someone 2 years older then you or 20 years younger?

What??? Ok, consider the age of most myspace users. Do you think they're even old enough to date someone 20 years younger? They aren't even 20! Isn't this kind of a disgusting question? If I preferred someone 20 years younger, I'd be dating a 9-year old. Gross.

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