Saturday, November 24, 2007

gobble gobble

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So turkey day started with a knock at the door. I'm down the hall, I don't know who's at the door, but I'm immediately suspicious. People don't come to our door. Seven years and nary a trick-or-treater.
I hear the door close and investigate, and Damon points to a pamphlet about jesus in our kitchen. Wonderful. Jehovah's Witnesses come to tell me about jesus on turkey day.
Go away you guys, really. Don't you have family? Go bother somebody else.
We do family stuff on the turkey day itself, as it is coincidentally Damon's mom's and aunt's birthday (yep, twins) and we had a nice birthday/thanksgiving gathering.
It was funny because his mom has a cold and when she's sick her voice half-disappears and gets raspy/squeaky. Turns out, his aunt has the same cold, and when they talk to each other it's one raspy squeaky lady talking to another in the same raspy/squeaky voice and it's comical.
So because my turkey day was spent with family, we delayed our own turkey day and had it today! We made turkey (of course), Damon made mashed potatoes, I made corn, stuffing, macaroni & cheese, baked sweet potato wedges (yum!) gravy, rolls, deviled eggs, and this dish that had cubed sweet potatoes and apples and cinnamon and brown sugar and baked til it was gooey and delicious - oh my it was yum. So, yes lots of food. I made what I wanted, and the best part? I get all the leftovers. I didn't eat any turkey Thursday or today, so I get leftover turkey sandwiches.
Didn't eat turkey?! you say? Yeah, I don't care much about meat unless it's something really great. Turkey is kind of boring. I prefer to fill up the space with all the other tasty stuff and save turkey for leftover sandwiches. That's how I like it.
So, then we had pie and ice cream and coffee too. We had Rich come over to help eat.
It was pretty great but I'm pretty beat from all that work in the kitchen.
I don't cook, really. I should though.
I'm crafty. I make candles and things of ceramic, and I sew, and do other crafty and creative things. I should be crafty and creative in cooking. But really? I don't care. I like to eat awesome food, I just don't care to make it. I'd rather have a bowl of cereal and get it over with. Or pay someone to make something tasty for me and bring it to me.
I actually bought shit today to bake a pie. A real pie. From scratch. I have apples, flour, cinnamon, etc. I have never made a pie in my whole life.
I can do this.
I'm baking a pie tomorrow.
For real.
So, I hope the rest of you all had a great turkey day.
Good night.


Anonymous said...

If over 4000 people have read your blog, why aren't you famous yet?

Just wondering....

a t

mimi said...

I know, right?!