Friday, October 5, 2007

Scary Chinese Lady

Current mood: bored

So, it's been a generally crappy week but I don't want to talk about it.
Instead I'll talk about scary chinese lady.

My work moved and this entire week I was all by myself in the new office. This means a few things:
1. I was the youngest person in the office. (although I think I was before...)
2. I was the hottest person in the office. (yeah, me!)
3. I was the shortest person in the office. (tee hee)
4. I was the smartest person in the office. (that's right)

Now, you could also say I was the oldest, ugliest, tallest, dumbest person in the office this week, but that isn't nearly as much fun.

So, because we moved, yesterday I had to go get our mail. We can't get our mail forwarded, it's stupid and complicated so I have to go get it. While I go get it I'm stopping in at Panda Express to get some terrifically unhealthy lunch.

There's this scary lady who works there and she makes me nervous. From 20 feet away she spots me and screeches,


Uh, no, I stammer. I just want to order food.


Uh... rice... chicken.... orange chicken....


No, thanks.


No, it's to go.


Um.. no.


I give her my money and leave but everytime I leave this place after working with her - even though I've only completed a transaction - I feel as if somehow I just lost a fight with a crazy loud chinese woman.

Maybe she thinks she's really friendly but she's scary. Like maybe Godzilla thought he was friendly and everybody just took it the wrong way.

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