Sunday, October 28, 2007

Does anybody know it's Halloween?

Current mood: sad

You must know. Though you wouldn't know it walking into Meijer, they've already got the Christmas decorations out. We had our annual all-out blo-out Halloween bash last night. Overall, it was nice. I think people had a good time.
I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the turnout. I really look forward to this party, and spend a lot of time and effort and work to make it go the way it should. This is important to me. I would hope that my friends would realize that it is important to me. I feel I'm getting this, "Oh, that party again," vibe. It was really cool this year. We really went all out. And several of my friends, though they had indicated they were coming, were no-call no-show. I should know better, I love my friends but they are who they are. I shouldn't be surprised. But still, it was my Halloween party, and I worked so hard. For them to not realize, to not pay attention to the fact that it is important to me and not show up makes me think they don't like me. I'm sure they don't think it's a big deal, and have valid excuses and don't view it the way I do. I probably shouldn't take it personally but it still really hurt my feelings. (One of you got drunk dialed. You should have been there.)
I've been a little down on myself lately and this doesn't help my self-esteem. I think it's still because I'm just so tired and worn out and my house is trashed. There are leaves in my kitchen. My coffee table is in my bedroom. My plants are in my laundry room. Everything is wrong. Lots of work still to do to get it all back in order.
People really are like the game the Sims and it makes me shake my head. Someone spilled a drink in my kitchen and just left it. If you don't give them a trash can, they'll throw their garbage on the floor. One time people put beer bottles in my gutters. All this work, and all this clean up and just sometimes I don't think it's worth it.
For those of you that were there, and that were excited and impressed with everything, a big THANK YOU!
The best quote of the night goes to Alaska Katie for saying, "Bar none, this is the best Halloween party I have ever been to in my entire life," and for Matt Foley (Rob) for making me laugh my ass off. You are the best Matt Foley, ever.
I stayed up too late and my costume proved messy. I had pink hair, and was too tired to wash before bed, so I had pink pajamas, a pink pillow, pink neck and ears, pink hands, pink everywhere I went. What a freakin mess.
Anyway, just thought I'd vent. Good night.

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