Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kids are just precious...

Current mood: amused

So, last night we go out to my friend Heather's sister's house.
Heather and her husband Tony moved to Tennessee and they were in town
but at her sister's house in Tecumseh. So we go out there to see them.
Her sister, Brooke, is pretty cool, her parents like us, our friends Kate & Justin
are there, so its an all around good time.

Brooke's kid Autumn is three and she wants to be the center of attention
tonight. Which is fine because she's in a great mood and only wants to play.
So we all do what adults do, drag her around the floor, hang her upside down,
tickle her, etc etc and she eats it up and is loving it and it's lots of fun for everybody. We're all having a good time.

So she's everybody's buddy and climbing into laps and being a monkey and
everytime you do anything, she's all "Do that again!!"

And here's the best part. At one point in the night, she climbed up into my lap full of wiggles and sweetness and turned to me and, in the most innocent voice that only a 3-year-old could possess, she said,

"I just farted on your leg."

Oh, I can't wait until I get one of my own!

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