Sunday, October 21, 2007

I need a nap

Current mood: sleepy

1. When you want to have "you" time, what do you do?
I surf the internet, or play video games.

2. Are you comfortable with answering personal questions?
Depends on who's asking the questions.

3. Have you ever cried and didn't know why?
Of course

4. When is the last time you were truly happy with your life?
There's always days I reminice about that were great.

5. Have you ever found someone of your same sex sexy?
Yup, of course.

6. Do you think long distance relationships are ever really worth it?

7. What did you do at your lowest point in life?
Cry, cry, cry.

8. What brought you back from that?

9. Have you ever envisioned your own wedding?
Um, yeah. But before I was planning one, no. I'm not that girl.

10. When is the last time you personally made someone else cry?
I don't remember. It was probably my sister.

11. The last time you were kissed, where were you?
Um, in my kitchen?

12. Do you eat a healthy diet?
I try.

14. Do you believe ex's can really ever be "just friends?"
I've seen it happen, not to me though.

15. Would you attend each of your ex's funerals?
It's been so long, it would be weird. No.

17. Would you be able to date someone who had a kid with someone else?

18. When is the last time you were on a vacation?

19. Do you make your bed every day?
Never. I don't believe in making the bed.

20. Are you too shy to tell people when you're developing feelings for them?

21. Do you use the Internet or television more?

22. Have you ever worn black nail polish?
Several times, i like it.

23. How much older than you is the oldest person you've kissed?
11 years. Oh how silly 18 year old girls can be when older boys are around...

24. How much younger is the youngest?
I don't think I've ever kissed anybody younger than me. Oh, wait... do girls count?

25. Which celebrity have you been compared to most?
Nobody really, sometimes I get compared to Meredith from Greys Anatomy, maybe it's the hair?

26. Do you have romantic feelings for anyone, and if so, do they know?

27. What are your plans for your future?
I never know!

28. Do you want to be in a relationship right now?
Today? Yes.

29. If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?
I don't think so, I like Michigan.

30. Have you ever done any acting on stage?
In my wildest nightmares. Oh wait, that was high school.

31. Do you like being in pictures?
Only when they turn out well.

32. Do you cry easily?
Not usually. Not unless someone is standing next to me, crying.

33. Have you ever been more attracted to a significant other's sibling than them?

34. What is the last fun, free activity you did?
I have no idea

35. Do you enjoy romance?
Doesn't everybody?

36. Do you tend to fall for people easily?
No. It's a long torturous road to get me to like you. I'm a pain in the ass.

37. Have you spent more time in your life single, or in a relationship?
More of my life has been single.

38. What person in your family are you the most like?
I am not from my family. I was dropped to them by some aliens.

39. Are you quick to start a fight?
Depends on who pissed me off.

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