Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mars is in Retrograde

Current mood: aggravated

This month is just stupid.
With the exception of a few shining bright moments, all the bizarre, horrible, ridiculous events of the month have left me irritated, upset, lost, dumfounded, pissed at myself, and stewing. This is just stupid. It shouldn't be this hard. I'd like to pass on October. I mean, really, what the hell?
November, please?
October isn't being kind to me. I'm done now. Next. Month. Please.
I've been whining to my co-worker Shelly for the last ten minutes about the stupidity of this month. She said, "You know, I've already explained to you why this month sucks. Mars is in retrograde."
Fuck you, Mars.

PS. Ben Stiller is in a new movie called Heartbreak Kid, and while the movie will suck, Ben Stiller has a new hairdo. Because Ben Stiller now knows what George Clooney (and Jon Stewart, etc etc) have known all along. Salt & Pepper hair is hot. And Ben wants ladies like George gets ladies. It's no new phenomenon.

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