Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Saved by Jeff Daniels

Current mood: amused

So, my parents are going to see Joe tomorrow, and they haven't traveled in a while. Since 2001, actually. I've been on about a dozen flights. This year alone. So, they come into my work and it's nice to see somebody. I'm there all alone this week (visit me! drop in!).
Anyway, I check them in for their flights and pick their seats so that they'll likely see Manhattan from the plane... nice stuff like that.
And I have my iPod playing so I don't go crazy, and it's playing one of my current favorite songs. My mom gives me this slightly incredulous look and says, "What IS this music?"
The song is Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge, and the current lyrics in question are stating, "I wanna fucking tear you apart." It's dark, and lustful and dirty and erotic and probably not all that great of a song but I like it. I can feel the tension while the song continues to play.
I shrug and say "I dunno, I have a bunch of stuff on there. Probably about 1,000 songs."

Realistically I have 357 carefully chosen songs on there. Like I can tell my mom I love that song. She'd give me that look again. Her innocent daughter wouldn't listen to such things. Oh mom, you're so cute.

The next song is Jeff Daniels, State Trooper. Parents give me a relieved look. "This is Jeff Daniels, isn't it?" my dad says.
"Yep, sure is," I say. And they change the conversation to how great Jeff is.
So, I don't have to explain my last song choice.
Whew. Thanks Jeff.

Good thing that "P control" by Prince wasn't on. I don't know how to explain that one!

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