Saturday, December 1, 2007


So, I went to the mall today. Had some tasks, birthday shopping and I needed to buy a new cassette adapter for my car. Seems this week the moon has been in whatever phase it's in that makes things go hooey. Damon's computer is broken, we have a raccoon living under the house (well, not anymore, it's dead now. Heh heh. Thanks Kritter Getters!) And my cassette adapter that makes my iPod run is somewhere on Michigan Avenue. It seemed to have "accidentally" flown out the window after repeatedly not functioning properly.

So. The mall. It's full of hopeful Christmas shoppers and desperate vendors. And santa. There's this line of pushy parents and unhappy children all waiting to see the creepy man in the red suit and beard. The holiday scene is cute, all trees and gaudy ornaments and happy woodland creatures. There's raccoons and deer and little bears and... two giant giraffes. Really? Giraffes? In the snow? I don't get it. I understand the need for holiday diversity but adding two giraffes to a "north pole" scene isn't going to do it.

I depart santa's wonderland and I go into Macy's to search for gifts and head up the escalator, dodging frantic shoppers on my way. I get upstairs and get a whiff of some nice cologne. Oh yum. I don't know what that is but I'd like to make out with it. I locate the scent and remember where I had smelled it before. Oh yes, the gay club in New York City. The gay men smelled like that. I travel back in time in my head to remember the fun. Yum. So, of course, I consider making husband smell yummy. It's a wonderful smell, and I'm not usually biased one way or another on smells. I can take 'em or leave 'em. But this, this was nice. However, therein lies my dilemma... Do I want my husband to smell gay?


a t said...

Was it this?

Or this cleverly named fragrance?

mimi said...

Oh no, it was this: