Saturday, December 29, 2007


So, last night I went to a dance club for the third time in 4 months. I've probably been out to dance clubs more in the last 4 months than the last 4 years, but whatever. The club Industry had closed and was "reopening" for one night only, so me & Damon, April, Brian, Clisty & Julie went out. We're hanging out near the bar, and it's about 10pm and first off there's chicks giving out free shots. Nice!

And then we see ... the lesbians. There's two chicks standing next to a post and they are making out like crazy. I mean boob gropin' lip smackin' standing on one leg with the other wrapped around the chick like no one else in the world exists making out hard. And it goes on for twenty minutes.
Like damn, wow, right? Then when they stop, they start dancing with two gay guys on the floor, and making out with them. How do we know the men are gay? They dance with their hands above their head. Gaaaay!

So, I've been sick all week and I'm on Sudafed so I can move, so I'm not drinking and people are having a good time. We start dancing and I'm getting into it, I'm gangly and awkward and I think back to this one time I was on a dance floor for some high school thing. I'm with people who are supposedly my best friends and my one "best" friend comes up to me and says, you look like a tree swaying in the wind, and then laughed at me. Wonderful for my self esteem, thanks bitch. She's not my friend anymore. So anyway, we're at Industry dancing and I think of this, and then April walks up to me, leans in, and says, "you're hot."
THIS is why I love April. This is why she is my friend.

Anyway, the night goes on and then I see this person behind me dancing who is huge, and my first thought is... Is that a dude? And yep, sure enough, we're pretty sure it's a dude, in a dress, dancing. And I think later, I usually scan the room, and if I see somebody as tall as me or taller, a lot of times my first thought is, is that a dude? And then I realized people might do that to me. If I'm in a room, and people look around and spot me as tallest, do they immediately wonder if I'm a dude? I get called sir a lot. I certainly hope not. That would really suck. I'd rather they scan the room and spot me and say, damn that's one tall bitch!

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