Friday, December 14, 2007

Smells like Christmas

So, tonight was husband's work xmas party and it was, well, kind of lame. The people are nice, but most of them are engineers (read: geeky), (Proof? they spent 10 minutes comparing GPS devices) and the company cheaped out this year a bit. Still open bar (woo hoo!) but no snacks (boo!) so hey, you give me booze but no food, guess what? Somebody is driving me home. Anyway, I don't know how you make pink filet mignon super dry but the restaurant did it. Good job guys. And thanks for the gift, I gave my bottle of Brut champagne to one of husband's co-workers. I don't mean to be snarky, I had a good time. It's likely all the xmas work party I'm gonna get.

So, now since my work has like 2.5 employees I guess we don't get a Christmas party, which is too bad because I like this kind of shit. I need co-workers, I need to be social. So, I called April to bum off her work and lo and behold, she has no party either. Bummer. Two years ago I went with her to her xmas party in West Bloomfield and it was so money we renamed ourselves Muffy and Anastasia for the night, and laughed our asses off when some chick fell down a flight of stairs. (stop with that look, she was fine...) Anyway. I need some holiday party! You got a holiday party? You need to bring a friend? I'm in. Bring me some holiday cheer! Give a girl some xmas spirit! Come on!

In other news... I am really enjoying watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America. He basically goes to failing kitchens, swears a lot, comes up with great ideas, great food and if the idiot employees do what he says, they save the place. If they don't, they continue to struggle. It's fucking great.

Bonus: In every single episode (and I do mean EVERY episode) they film Ramsay as he changes from street clothes to chef clothes. So, in every episode you see him shirtless as he changes his clothes. What is with that???

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