Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ghetto Washer

So, it's official. We have a ghetto washer.

I'm doing laundry last night and wasting time on the internet and I hear squealing and smell burning rubber.


That might be bad.

I go investigate and the washer has gone from "shaky wash" cycle to "spin cycle" only I suspect the belts are so worn out it won't spin, it just squeals and stinks. So... what do I do? Start spinning it manually and then close the lid and let the machine take over.

Ta da!

We now have a manual start washing machine. I had to do it twice for every load, first rinse and second. Every time it starts squealing I make a run for it and spin the drum.


It did come with the house and in 7 years we've done nothing with it... so I guess that's pretty good. Will have to call our handy repairman to fix it up. Don't really want to deal with that right now. Ugh.


a t said...

Do not get it repaired. It's seven years that you've had it and God knows how many years old it was when you moved in. Buy a new one. The last thing you ever want to worry about is not having clean clothes on Monday and hanging out with the lowest of the low at the laundramat is not an opton.
Go to Lowes, get their card and they let you pay over time with no interest as long as you pay ON time. They deliver the new one and take away the old one. Voila!

E Flo said...

God, do I wish I had a washer............