Sunday, May 11, 2008

Didn't see this coming

I've been working my ass off.
I've not been taking my vitamins.
I've been busy for 12 hours a day or more for the last week (or more).
I'd go to work, then volleyball (or insert other activity here)
Or I'd work on stuff all day then hang with people.
Go. Go. Go. Go.

I'm superwoman.
Then I work a lot, sleep less, play more, fly to new york,
beat my body up some more, walk a ton, play harder, slept even less.
Came home and straight from a night of 3 hours sleep did I rest?
No, it was a gorgeous day. I cleaned the Jeep. Then, I cleaned the Jetta.
Then I rested.... and it came.

I'm sick.
My throat hurts, my body hurts.

And I'm an idiot for not seeing this coming. I hope it goes fast.
I've got lots of shit to do.

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