Monday, May 5, 2008

Greek Masochism

So, I'm hanging with Aayp today and having fun, and on the way back from breakfast we pick up
a "Real Detroit" magazine.
I'm driving and she's flipping through it showing me the crazy funny stuff, like a headline that was literally "10 years of Ass n' Titties" and much more great stuff.
She flips to the back, or "the booty page" cause there's all these photos of crazy booty, boobs, ads for transvestite escorts (boobs and a penis! wow!) and other yikes kind of things.
Then she says, "Greek Masochism*, what is that?"

And I reply, "it's just like the regular kind, only with feta cheese."

Bursts of laughter. Oh boy we are funny. We crack ourselves up. Woo!

Bonus: Went for a bike ride and made it 8 miles in about 45 minutes. I rock. Also, got abundant amounts of sunshine and not only is my face red and painful, but dammit I burned my arms too. I look stupid.

*perhaps may not have been masochism, but some other dirty word starting an M but you get the idea..... right?

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