Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another story from New York

So, Joe calls me today and he tells me a story.

"So, I went out to get breakfast today and I'm sittin in this restaurant eating my bagel and I'm sitting next to this family, a guy - his wife or something and a kid and I'm not paying much attention... then I hear them saying they're going to the 2pm matinee and thought maybe they were going to the 2pm matinee at Juilliard or Lincoln center - so I look to ask him and I recognize who it is."

Fucking Christopher Lloyd. AAAHH!!!

So they talk about the show, and the weather and make small-talk, chit-chat.

Small talk with Christopher Lloyd! Joe's lucky I went home today cause I'd have done something completely non-new york and tacky. I'd have gotten myself arrested for clinging to his leg or something, asking him to say Great Scott!! or tell me about his flux capacitor.

Damn! I missed Christopher Lloyd by 6 hours. SIX!

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