Friday, March 7, 2008


So, had to fly to the UK again. I think it's the 7th time to the UK, but I couldn't really tell without my old list of trips to refer to.
I'm getting really tired of red-eye flights to Europe.
I hate them with the hot firey seething hate of 1,000 angry menstruating lesbian hornets. The tiny seats, the crappy food, the dry air, the traveling companions. Blah.
The hotel is your standard new business hotel. Clean. Modern. Shiny. Boring. Cold.
It has one of those evil showers that doesn't consistently pull from hot and cold at the same time so you get two seconds where the temperature is perfect, two seconds where it's too hot (ouch!) and two seconds where it's too cold (eek!) and then repeat.
The dogs are crazy. 23,000 dogs. There are dogs everywhere. Literally (mind you I'm using the word literally properly here - let me get on that tangent later) dogs everywhere. I'm going to steal a beagle. They are so cute.
Some of this stuff really walks the fine line between amazing/funny and totally batshit crazy. Who thinks of this crap? Dancing with your dog? Is that amazing and funny or ridiculously batshit crazy. I have video. You may judge later.
I'm getting too used to traveling with people I know, because after three days alone I find myself a bit lonely and bored. How much horrid British TV can one watch? There are some good shows, but some are just bad. There was a show on where women put on super strength bras and jumped on trampolines to test the bra. Then the two hosts talked about the support and the design. I'm sure you dudes think it would be exciting but it wasn't. It was ordinary women (not Man show models) and support bras.
that bra testing tv show
Not sexy.
Mostly just eating alone in restaurants makes me lonely. Nothing to do but sit and wait for my food. Nobody to talk to. Twiddle my thumbs. Sip my wine. Look around. Repeat.
Used to do this a lot and it didn't much bother me.
Oh well. Time go go eat some Indian food, if I have to go alone at least it's tasty.

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