Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm going to Vegas. I'm turning 30 (in July) and March sucks and I'm tired of it and I want heat and water and sunshine. But mostly, heat.
So today I help husband book flights and hotel (hello travel agent discount!) because I will never get away with being uninvolved with travel plans. I must accept this fate.
Then husband says... hey, we're leaving July 2, aren't you coming back from Wimbledon July 1?
Well, technically, not yet...
We have people booked on the trip June 22 - 29.
We are holding 14 places for a trip June 24 - July 1.
I'm supposed to go and take care of both.
No air tickets have yet been issued for myself.
Also, nobody has yet signed up for the June 24 - July 1 trip. Nobody.
We have 50% non-refundable deposits out and final payment due April 14. Thousands of dollars.
And nobody is interested.
What to do? Fret? Worry? Stress? Give up? All of the above?
I've made it through fretting, worrying and stressing and am moving on to giving up.
If people sign up for June 24 - July 1, so be it. If they don't - I tried my best. There isn't much more I can do.
I'm going to Vegas July 2. I may end up going to London and coming home June 29.
I may end up going to London and coming home July 1, then going to Vegas July 2.
That will suck.
However, I'm going to Vegas July 2.
I'm getting out of here.
I'm looking forward to the fireworks July 4.
I'm looking forward to watching the fountains at the Bellagio.
I'm looking forward to eating unhealthy delicious food with my awesome friends.
It isn't always easy to get my friends together, they're a varied lot... and I love them all.
I'm looking forward to Vegas.
I don't know shit about tennis.

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