Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, to end the computer crisis story... I fixed it.
The boring version is I reinstalled the OS and then used a handy new program called time machine to put my things back together again. Yay, go me.

Next task:
I bought parts for our grill for Christmas which had turned rusty and crusty. (The grill, not Christmas.)
The place where fire comes out was all a crumbling mess, and the bottom of the grill was filled with carcasses of hamburgers gone astray, meat ashes, and other things only described as downright nasty.
So, husband bought nice steaks with the idea it would motivate to replace old rotting grill parts with shiny new grill parts still in plastic bag.
I scraped and cleaned and pulled and twisted and tossed and scraped and brushed and dusted. Put in the new parts and dragged the grill back to its rightful spot near the deck. Stellar. Next to make fire.
Now, being the "tough" girl I am, I've done lots of stuff. I can change a bumper, change my oil, roof my house, put in a new window, mow the lawn, dismantle a desk with a sledgehammer, etc, etc... I ain't no girly girl.
But yet, for some odd reason, I've never lit the grill. I've never grilled meat outdoors. Man operates grill. Grunt.
I turn the gas tank on and then the upper burner, hit the sparker and... nothing. Sparker must be toast, I didn't replace that.
Easy enough. I go inside and get a nice long match, light it up, turn on the gas, hold it next to the burner and poof - voila! Fire!
Woman has made fire!
Now... husband isn't home yet. I'm hungry. I want steak.
I'm going all out brave today. I get the steaks and slap em on the grill.
Now what to add? I decide good meat is fine enough and just add some salt & pepper.
Husband comes home and approves of my meat cooking. All is well.
I did good. Fixed the grill and made steak all by myself.
I'd have a picture but I ate the hell out of that steak. Oh yum.
Time for leftovers...

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