Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Easter?

I'm on the phone today talking to this nice lady and she finishes the phone call with, "Have a blessed Easter," and I pause and then thank her and hang up.
Two minutes later she calls back and apologizes to me. She said I had paused and she thought that was strange and then she saw my last name and called back to say sorry.
I said, oh yeah, no. I do Easter... (well, sort of. I eat chocolate rabbits, Cadbury eggs and jellybeans... does that count?) I told her I just paused because I have been living in a cave or something. I just had no idea this Sunday was Easter.
We laughed about it and she thanked me and hung up but now I'm confused.
Who doesn't celebrate Easter? Wait, I think the Jewish don't. Is my last name Jewish?
It's like the German version of Smith. From what I know about World War II, I'm pretty sure German's are not Jewish.
Why was she apologizing?
Maybe I should have taken a religious studies course in college or something. This all lies in a big realm of a vague foggy area called "I never really learned much about that..."

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