Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My mom likes Def Leppard

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My mom cracks me the hell up. Damon & Brian go see Def Leppard last year and recently we were talking about it she she just lights up. "Oh Def Leppard? I love them!" I'm like, really? Def Leppard? So, I hear they're coming to concert and buy my mom a lawn seat ticket for her birthday. She opens my present first and freaks out and giggles and does this little dance thing, and people are impressed. I bought my mom concert tickets.

Really? I didn't go all out. It isn't like I bought her a car, I got her a ticket to a concert. I thought of something she would LIKE.

So, my sister pushes her gift over and says "here's my stupid gift." She bought her candles. Ah, oh well.
(I also bought my mom diamond earrings for Christmas once and she cried because nobody had ever bought her diamond earrings. Seriously? Dad, you are seriously lacking in the gift department!)

But I digresss...

Def Leppard was last night and my mom was psyched, she listened to them in her car on the way to my house and she was soo excited. It was just hilarious. It was the craziest concert crowd ever. People alternately fighting, dancing, laughing, hugging, dancing and fighting. It was at Pine Knob (screw you DTE) and there had to be nearly 15,000 people there, it was pretty packed.

This dude behind us was so drunk that his friend had to help hold him up by the back of his pants. When you got your hand in your friends pants to help him stand... dude... that's REAL friendship.

I had to even fight off a bathroom intruder. I go into the bathroom and go into the stall and go to close the door and this chick busts in. Now, these stalls are like 1.5 feet x 1 foot so I have to hey hey hey her out and shut the door on her ass. Crazy bitch.

It took an hour just to leave the parking lot once it was over. People drinking, smoking, and alternately fighting, dancing, making out, and fighting. I saw a truck with a bra hanging off the antenna and a dude get out of his car to yell at some chick so he could get in the 'line' out of the arena. And she screamed, "bring it on dumbass I fucking dare you!"

It was awesome.

We didn't get home til after 1am so I'm super tired today and kind of have a headache.. I think I need a nap.

She said thank you about 50 times, and we bought her a t-shirt, too.
My mom had the BEST time.

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