Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hottie Potter

So, I started calling Harry Potter, Hottie Potter, I started calling him that when he was like 15 because it was funny. Now.. well it's kind of mostly true which is a little weird.
So, I'm in the bookstore across the hall from where I work because working
alone makes me insane and I have to go talk to other people in the building.
I'm talking to the chick who works there and she's got a Harry Potter magazine
on the counter and I tell her I call him Hottie Potter, and she says it's true!

She says, "Did you see his photo from the play he was in in the UK? Equus?" I say no, so she shows me and
1) he's not wearing a shirt
2) he's got Jesus abs. (you know, "Jesus those are some abs!")
3) He's got that "V" muscle thing going on at his hips, you know the one at the pantline that people get when they're all hot and ripped and stuff? Pink has that muscle thing going on too, only it's creepier on a chick. Google Images that stuff.

I tell her that's pretty hot, I could chew on that a little bit. She says, Ditch the glasses and I'm all over it, I start laughing and tell her, but leave the scar, the scar makes it hot.

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