Sunday, July 29, 2007

If you see a chick in a bikini with an AR-15...

It's probably me.
Seriously, I was in my pool today cleaning out the leaves & crap and I hear some dude in my driveway yelling at me, something about nice day or nice body, I don't know, so I turn around and there's this big fat dude walking up to my house.
So, I run inside the back door and lock the doors and tell husband some dude is walking up to our house. He checks it out and turns out the dude was just delivering a phone book, but what the fuck? Don't talk to me when you're walking up to my house. Drop your shit off and go.
I don't have neighbors. If I don't know you and you are coming onto my property you are considered a threat. People don't sell candy door to door where I live. People don't trick-or-treat where I live. People don't just "find" our house.
If you scare me when I'm in my yard in my swimsuit I just might go pull out the AR-15 under the bed and answer the door with it. Nothing says "hello" like a chick in a bikini with a rifle. Get. Off. My. Porch.

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