Saturday, July 21, 2007

Twenty-nine thoughts.

So, I turned 29.
People do that.
Almost all of my friends have done it, most of them did it years ago.
I'm 29.
It would have been nice to get more than one card in the mail from someone other than "Rock Financial."
I still wear my hair in pigtails.
I still watch cartoon movies.
I still have a kiddie pool and use it.
I still call my friends and ask if they can go out and play.
Don't experiences make the age?

When you get down to it, does age really mean anything at all?

And I'm thinking to try jogging.
I don't know.
I'd rather ride my bike, but I need either
a) a bike rack for my car so I can drive somewhere to ride it. OR
b) pepper spray velcroed to the handlebars so I can safely ride around in the area that I live.

I'm open to new things. Maybe it would be good for me.
Step 1 to jogging: Find plan on internet. Found "Couch to 5K Running Plan."
Step 2: Print out "Couch to 5K Running Plan."
Step 3: Sit down and read "Couch to 5K Running Plan."
I'm still on step three.

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