Saturday, July 14, 2007

What is wrong with Ann Arbor?

Current mood: annoyed

So, awhile ago I lived in A2. Now I live near Ypsi. I spend lots of time in Depot town and I love it. I like Ypsi. So, tonight I go to A2 to the State Theater to see "You Kill Me" (which is great, by the way) and I decide to wander around the town.
Now, I know it's the week before Art Fair, and I know it's warm out, but seriously what is with all the fucking beggars? Why are some of them wearing better clothes than me?
In just an hour or two, I got asked for money at least a dozen times. This is far worse than I ever remember it. Is it because it works? Are there too many little rich kids handing out money? Are they students just trying to get more money? Did some homeless shelter somewhere close?
What the fuck? No, I don't want to give you money.
I want to argue with them. "Do you have debt?" Tell me, do you have nearly $25,000 in student loans? Do you have a mortgage? Do you owe anybody? You are in a better position than me buddy! You should be giving me money! You're living free and clear day-to-day. I owe. Suck it.

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