Friday, August 1, 2008

I kissed a girl (and I liked it!)

In case you didn't get the reference the title stems from a current pop hit by Katy Perry. Like, duhhhhhh.

This all started because about two weeks ago I saw Ellen Page at Whole Foods. Here's the recap. She's at the salad bar all alone, and I'm immediately geeked. I ask her, "Are you Ellen?" And got no response. (Which meant A. She heard me and ignored me, or B. She didn't hear me) Either way I slink away like a moron.

So, the other night I have a dream about Ellen (and this one did not involve smoking or pizza rolls). Like all dreams, one remembers jumbled bits and pieces, parts clear, parts fuzzy. I remember it was like we were both in some high school play, only it was now - and we were often by ourselves for some reason. At one point, she's dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (only the costume was all wrong - not Dorothy at all). LIke I said, dreams crisscross things. I comment to her that she's a really tiny Dorothy. I have some weird costume that I don't remember. And it goes like this, us passing, working on this theater production, until soon we're old buddies. We are like BFF.

Eventually, since we're old pals now, she teases me about me seeing her at Whole Foods, "Are you Ellen?" She mocks me.... "really? That was the best you could do?" And at one point I don't know where we are anymore, but husband is around - he's in the area, walking by, and I'm we're both sitting, but she's sitting up on something, higher than me and I'm leaning on her leg all friendly-affectionate like I look at her and then she kisses me. I'm all twitterpated about it and tell her she's so cute. But I'm nervous and don't continue, afraid husband will catch me. I wake up and oddly I'm disappointed that it was over. I get it, it's weird, but she is cute and dreams have a way of putting a different perspective on things.

Just think, next time I see her at Whole Foods I can tell her this one time I had a dream that she kissed me and I liked it. And she'd stare at me standing there, all huge and unappealing and she'd run for the hills.

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