Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am I getting stupid?

I keep seeing these articles on the front page of magazines... like the one from The Atlantic that questions, "Is Google making us stupid?" and follow-ups from NPR and other items that essentially say the same thing.
I read the news on the internet, blogs and all sorts of other crap. The high-process thinking at work has pretty much slowed for the summer and I'll notice the cognitive difficulty if I have a harder-than usual task. I've always had problems with numbers, but lately it seems worse... and if I'm driving and talking to a passenger at the same time? We may not make it to our destination...

So, what's the deal? Is having the world at my fingertips making my brain rot? Is it that I've not only turned 30 realistically, but mentally as well? Have I hit the wall?

Maybe I should take a class or something, I always felt like a friggin' genius when taking college courses... then again, that feeling of superiority usually exists when one is in their early 20s, college courses or not.

I read entire books so I can at least hold an attention span. They may not have anything to do with quantum physics, but I'm not reading nursery rhymes. Should I be watching more Jeopardy? Should I eat more carrots? Should I watch less TV?

Should I spent less time on the internet?

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