Sunday, August 31, 2008

This shit pisses me off

this shit pisses me off

Take a look. Yes, it's a bathroom stall, yes that is a toilet paper dispenser. Look at it. Notice anything wrong? How about the fact that it's mounted about 2 inches from the bottom of the stall wall? Why the hell is it way the $@&%! down there? Really? You think I want to go rummaging around my ankles for necessary items? Why should it be way down there? In addition to that, the hole is in the bottom! I have to reach down, and then up into it. WTF? Am I some sort of contortionist? I have long arms and this is difficult.

Why the hell can't it be mounted somewhere.. near my arms/head/shoulders? Will I hit my head on it or something? I could much more easily reach up, that would be nice. Or, hey how about have the cover only cover 2/3 of it so you can actually get to the item inside? Why does this have to be like a fucking mouse getting the cheese?

This is the lamest complaint ever but I see it over and over again. Why the hell are these damn things always mounted about 6 inches off the floor? WHY??

I'm going to .... aw who am I kidding? I'm not gonna do anything but bitch about it.

It's stupid. Fix it! I've done my part by bringing the issue to light. Now, you go do something about it.

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Butchie said...

They do that because people are less likely to yank more paper than they need. It is super annoying, though.