Monday, April 7, 2008

smokin hot

So, husband and I are watching season 1 of Boston Legal from dvds. We like the show. I've got a thing for James Spader. It's the voice, and the stare, and the delivery of the dialogue, and the gestures and... well... that's not the point right now.
Anyway, we're watching it and on season 1 there's this chick and she's British and she has long hair and she is smoldering hot. imdb tells me her name is Rhona Mitra.
We discuss the level of her smoldering hotness at some length. The face, the body, the stare, the accent... the package.
He says she's hot. I fully agree. Usually there's something to point out, something not quite right for either of us that throws it off. A flaw, if I may. Not the case here. We are in full agreement on this one.
I even declare to husband that she's the kind of hot where you'd really like to see her naked. (Sometimes nudity removes a level of hotness, you know?)
I throw out a statement like that and husband doesn't bat an eye.

But seriously. This chick is hot.

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