Friday, April 18, 2008

Five things

two top five lists - for fun....

Top six favorite albums of all time (in no particular order.)
These are some albums I could listen to over and over again, (and I have) and each and every song is great, and I just never get bored of it. In the current world of one hit per cd albums - these are my best.

1. Moby. Play.
Funky to the extreme, best for long drives. Just amazing shit.

2. Natural Born Killers Soundtrack.
Fucked up. Beautiful. I can never get tired of listening to this. Best when combined with desert. (Yes. Desert.)

3. Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral
Trent Reznor is a god. Okay, maybe more like a devil. But Awesome.

4. Massive Attack, Mezzanine
Dark room. Music on. Nothing else needed.

5. Sheryl Crow, Tuesday Night Music Club
Driving down the highway on a hot summer's day with the windows open and the stereo up, shouting along with miss Sheryl Crow. Not bad.

6. Cowboy Junkies, The Trinity Session
Really good headphones. Margo Timmins. Nothing else necessary.

(pretty good runner up's)
Bjork, Post
Peter Gabriel, So
Joan Osbourne, Relish
Portishead, Portishead
U2, The Joshua Tree
Social Distortion, White Light, White Heat, White Trash

Top Five CARS: (again, in no particular order...)

1. Bugatti Veyron
Because the name is sexy, and damn is it fast.

2. Volkswagen Jetta.
I love my car, and can't leave it off the list.

3. Mini Cooper.
Hott!! and if I didn't have a Jetta, this is what I'd drive.

4. Volkswagen Beetle.
Hippie Icon, an extreme insult to real car enthusiasts everywhere. Iconic. Legendary. Beetle.

5. Porsche 911 something or other.
Face it, I don't know shit about cars, why am I making this list?

What's your list? Help me out here... the internet is a crowded and lonely place...

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E Flo said...

You are wonderful with wonderful tastes in music.