Monday, January 14, 2008

Volleyball volleyball volleyball

So, I signed up for this 4-week volleyball clinic with Mark Rosen, head coach of UM women's volleyball. And it rocks.
ROCKS! I've gotten to practice bumping, setting, spiking, digging and serving... and next week? Blocking. Oh how I love a good block. I haven't gotten to play in a long time, and coaching the Rec & Ed kiddies has got me eager for more.

And I suspected for once I was not the tallest chick in the room. Technically I'm not. I am taller than everyone else in the clinic (well, the chicks anyway). I am not taller than a couple of the UM volleyball players (that'd be Megan and Beth, I'm actually the same height).
Kinda nice to look another female in the eyes from time to time.

I'm soooo super excited for next Monday. I cannot wait to play more.
So excited!

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