Thursday, January 17, 2008


So, I get to work yesterday and decide I need some coffee. It's only Tuesday and has been a long week. It's been so long, that yesterday was actually Wednesday and not Tuesday. Good grief.
Anyway, I go into good old Stadium Liquor Beer & Junk and forgo the Maxwell House crap for some tasty Starbucks. I don't care if you hate them, I like their coffee.
I get in line and I smell this guy from a few feet away looking at beef jerky and fake nasty clove cigarettes. He sees me and slithers over and I can really smell the booze oozing from his pores. It isn't 10am yet but this guy is sloshed. He starts in with, "Hey, you're pretty tall you know that?"
(oh boy.. here we go)
Yep, I've been told that.
"How tall are you?"
"You, you, you're like 18 inches taller than me." I go to the counter and pay for my coffee and creepy drunk guy keeps yapping and begins talking to the guy behind the counter.
"Hey, hey hey, you know she's 18 inches taller than me? That's tall!"
And then the guy behind the counter gets in on the fun, Oh Yeah? You play basketball?
No. No I do not. Please just let me go.
I start to leave and then drunk guy says to guy behind counter, "She's real pretty too huh?" and then yells at me "Hey, hey, hey, you're pretty."
I'm out the door by that point. Did I point at you and tell you how drunk you are. Stop with stating the obvious. You weren't the first person to come to this omniscient conclusion and won't be the last.
Come on dude. I just wanted some coffee. Leave me alone, ok?

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E Flo said...

Wow, are you tall? I never noticed.

It's like when I go out with Richards sister, she has a lot of tattoos. People always feel the need to point out the obvious, and then, even weirder, show them her tattoo. People are retarded.