Friday, January 25, 2008

Bedtime Story

So my friend Rich recently bought a new mattress and therefore decided to sell the old one. Where else would one internet savvy person go, but Craigslist?
Hilarity enuses... here's his story.


Here's a nominee for dumbest email slip-up in 2008.
I recently placed an Ad on Craig's List to sell an old mattress, what
follows are the messages I received in response to that Ad...

(bear in mind, "massage" is something of a code word in Craig's List)

--Message 1
I offer a full body nude massage with a hand release. Incall is $150
and outcall is $100.

Incall is limited for me because of the lack of furniture at the
apartment I use. I ask if incall is needed that you give me an hour in
advance so I can go over there and heat up the room for a while before
you show up. Then I put a clean sheet over the carpet and that's where
I give my massages.

Outcall is somewhat limited for me because I don't have a car, so
usually I get picked up which is why outcall is less (gas or cab would
make up the difference).

If you don't have a problem with that then give me a call at
734-XXX-XXXX. However if this is not what you're looking for then have
a nice day.

Thanks, Jade

--Message 2 (Sent about 9 seconds later):

Oops sorry sent you the wrong email a minute ago.

I can't pick the mattress up around 7pm today. I'll see if I can
another day.

Thanks, Nicole

"Jade" called me earlier, and couldn't keep her own name straight! I
was giving my mattress away for free, but I decided it deserved a
better fate than as a springboard in some Den-Of-Inequity.

Last thing I need is for my bed to have more interesting adventures
than I do.


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